Toronto Women's Fashion Week: RACHEL SIN - Braids

rachel sin hair 2 rachel sin hair
With her namesake label, designer Rachel Sin knows understated style is looking polished in a form fitting dress. She designs for the creative professional, whose wardrobe is an extension of her confidence, originality and personal style.
The modern woman is now the Renaissance man and Sin’s design expertise spans both the body and city landscapes. With a masters degree in Architecture, a successful stint at a retail architecture firm, becoming creative director of fashion label was as natural as overseeing the construction of a building. Sin’s careful attention to detail and precise tailoring comes from the natural tendency in architecture to make all things better with good design.
Working between Toronto, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Sin cultivates a well-edited collection of dresses all suitable for day-to-night. These distinctive dresses sculpted to the form of the female body with architectural lines that are strong, yet feminine and always at ease with effortless function. Rachel Sin solves the ‘what to wear’ crisis for any occasion, while mastering accessible style that fits the ever-evolving needs of the modern woman.

Here is a hair style you can create from the runway to your home: RACHEL SIN - Braids

1.    Prep the hair with Redken Pillow Proof Primer Spray ($24.79) and Redken Full Frame 07 ($23.49) applied from roots to ends
2.    Blow dry hair straight and create a left side part
3.    Spray Redken Iron Shape 11 ($22.09) heat protecting spray and use a curling iron to create a soft beach wave
4.    Create two braids, one by the hairline on the short side of the left side part and the other from a random piece of hair near the back of the head
5.    Criss cross braids and pin together to tie back the curls on the left side
6.    Finish by spraying Redken Fashion Waves 07 ($22.99) for texture, creating the ultimate beach wave

#HOTTIP: Pair multiple braids with beachy waves for the ultimate laid back look 
About Redken 5th Avenue NYC: 
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