Day 3: Toronto Men's Fashion Week

(@tom_fw) Toronto’s Men Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection 2017 Day Three Coverage!!

Day Three of Toronto’s Men Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection 2017 showcases:
 Wearable Technology Show, O'KANA, John Lennon Presentation and Kollar.

Wearable Tech VX360 (@vx360wear)
TOM*SS17 DAY3 - VX360 - Intelligent Visibility Wear
Photography by: 
Che Rosales
TOM FW (1)

Safety first!! Ultimate Visibility!! As an early morning runner, I understand the issue of safety especially during the gloomy weather. VX360wear is the ideal product. VX360 uses the power of technology to deliver the most advanced visibility clothing and accessories. Most of us leave the house before sunrise and return late in the evening, remaining almost invisible to our surroundings. The VX360 Collection provides visibility to the active person; intelligently designed to integrate with your lifestyle yet functional enough to light up when you want it to.

O’KANA (@OkanaCopenhagen)
Photography by: 
Che Rosales
TOM FW (2)

O’KANA was founded in 2014 by long-time friends and brothers Jimmy Kana and Olivier Ishimwe. The name O’KANA is an amalgamation of the first and the last names of the brand’s founders (Olivier Ishimwe & Jimmy Kana). O’KANA’s goal is to become and remain a lifestyle, rather than simply a clothing brand. Unique textures and simple patterns were the key factor of O’KANA that stole the audience’s minds.

John Lennon Signature Collection (­@CaulfeildHQ)
TOM*SS17 DAY3 - Caulfeild Apparel Group John Lennon Signature Collection
Photography by: 
Che Rosales
TOM FW (4)

The Lennon legacy lives on. With inspiration from some of the artists most meaningful lyrics, the collection brings his music to life with vintage inspired graphics and product collaborations. The perfect collection that showcases the story of John Lennon’s fashion journey created by Caufeild Apparel Group.

Kollar Clothing (@kollarclothing)
TOM*SS17 DAY3 - Kollar Clothing
Photography by: 
Che Rosales
TOM FW (3)

David Kollar, born in Slovakia arrived in Canada with his mother and sister at a young age. In the early years, he started to become interested in streetwear by purchasing and selling exclusive products he bought online. When he was in high school he developed into the role of a stylist for many of his friends where he made a name for himself and learned skills on the way. Building on those skills, he took it upon himself to utilize the Internet to learn everything he could about the industry and manufacturing. At 16 he created his first brand, which specialized in silk-screened shirts. With momentum on his side he decided it was time to evolve into the world of cut and sew. This method was more fulfilling to him as he could control every aspect of the production and creative process. In doing so he was able to create a physical extension of himself, which is reflected in the use of dark colors, unique methods of construction and fabric selection. In the last few years the brand has received a warm welcome in the industry, which is an extremely rewarding feeling as it is a representation of his life and the experiences that have led to this point. Clothing is an art form rather than piece of cloth that is worn is the theme of Kollar Clothing.

What do you think of these designers and their looks??



  1. Those are amazing collections. Great styles most specially Wearable Tech VX360 and Kollar Clothing!

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  2. Gorgeous fashion - and the models are pretty nice eye candy too.. lol.

  3. Great post with a lot of inspiration!
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  4. Very nice event , I hope-thanks to this men will get brave to wear something colorful :-)

  5. The male models look amazing and the collections are very chic and edgy!!

  6. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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  7. Great collections

  8. What a great show! Loving the outfits. x

    Have a nice week,

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