My P&G Sampling Party with #BzzAgent

No matter how old you are , everyone tends to have a set of house chores. Surprisingly, I never complain about doing my daily house chores, since I am a neat freak. I literally get annoyed when I see a small crease on my bed. Over the years, I have been trying my best to stop being too neat sadly it never tends to work. When I see a speck of dust in my room, it annoys to bits and soon I end up reorganizing my whole bedroom.

So, recently when BzzAgent contacted me about the P&G Sampling Party, I decided to get onboard right away. I have been using P&G products for years so I was something I was extremely comfortable about. From Pantene products, Tide, Swiffer and Mr Clean. These were all items I tend to use on a daily base. P&G has helped me to ease my daily life with these wonderful products.

In the recent package I received:

Tide Pods

This particular detergent removes stains as well as brightens clothings. It is extremely easy to use, all you are required to do is throw one of these with your dirty laundry. This pod reduces the struggle of measuring the amount of liquid detergent and it contains three different types of clean agents all in one (from detergent, stain remover and brightener).

Swiffer Dusters

Rather than using feather duster to dust furnitures, the P&G package contained swiffer dusters that moved gently through surface and pass through many small areas to remove dust. My father loved the product so much since he was able to clean his television area without moving anything.

Mr. Clean Erasers

I love these magic eraser, it has been one of most favourite products of all time. I love painting and during my stages of painting I tend to make huge messes around my place with unexpected artwork in random areas such as my room wall to the basement wall. My parents were never pleased with these messes I made (even through I tried to explain to them these were common in an artists home). Anyways, during time such as this the magic eraser came in handy and I was able to remove all my painting mess. 


I love long hair and I tend to take good care of it since I want my hair to be thick and long. Therefore, shampoo and conditioner are key and last November I dyed one tiny strand of my hair chestnut brown. So, to make sure the damage of dying doesn't increase I have been using pantene pro products for ages.


Bodywash, it is one of my must have products and I tend to use ultra hydrating body wash. The Olay body wash contains shea butter and tends to give my skin a hydrating softness.

Old Spice

No comments, towards this product other than the fact my brother took both of them right out of my hands as soon as I opened the package.

P&G is part of every Canadian's daily lifestyle and P&G has been generous to supply me with several sample boxes, which I was able to share with  members of my family and friends to hear their own opinion on P&G products.

P&G product can be purchased at any Canadian store and thank BZZAgent for this opportunity.

*I received these products complimentary from BzzAgent and P&G for campaigning purposes.