Snow Queen (Featuring Anjolee)

Anjolee is a custom jewelry design company based out of San Diego, California. Founded in 1977, they've been manufacturing high-end diamond jewelry for retail sale for nearly four decades, but it's only been in the past several years that they moved online with a web model that lets you fully customize your own diamond jewelry pieces from start to finish. You can create diamond stud earrings, bracelets, pendants and even diamond wedding rings!

Check out Anjolee for the Diamond Drop Earrings

(The bracelet is extremely beautiful and it can be worn with any outfits. Also, it's so light and really chic, with elegant and small delicate details. It's a great piece that will suit everyone's style and looks good with anything)

The photo above features the model/my sister (Uthi - you may have seen her in some of my posts) and here she is wearing the Diamond Tennis Bracelets from Anjolee 

Also, I am working a new project and this photo is a sample of it

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post!!