Spring Accessories (Inspired by Oscars)

Lupita Nyongo
Anna Kendrick
Spending my Sunday night by watching Oscars with my family!! First of all, Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing host and definitely stole the show (and yes "acting is a noble profession!!")

I love watching the Oscars to see the winners, the comedy and epic moments. Most importantly I love watching the show to see the dresses worn by the celebrities. This years, the outfits that captured my attention were by Anna Kendrick and Lupita Nyongo. However, while watching the shows some of the celebrities' accessories made me wonder about the upcoming spring season!!

Here are some accessories that I would like to own for the spring season from Choies:

White Layer Beaded Pendant Headband
Silver Smooth and Leaf Finger Ring Pack
White Pearly Weave Headdress
Statement Pieces... Necklaces!!

So, what is you accessory wishlist look like and have you started planning out your list for the spring season?